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      BioTE Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Newark DE

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      Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Newark DE

      Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

      Men begin losing testosterone at the rate of 1-5% per year beginning in their early 30’s.  Current medical research now defines a male equivalent to menopause as Andropause.  By the time a man reaches the age of 50 his testosterone production could be ¼ of the level compared to his 20’s.   Watch any sporting event on television and you will be overwhelmed with ads for products treating “Low T”.  From supplements at your local vitamin store to mail order gimmicks; they all make all the promise to boost Testosterone.  Oral supplements must be ingested and metabolized, shots require weekly or in some cases, twice-weekly injections and creams have erratic absorption; the net effect is creating a “roller coaster” of hormone levels.  BioTE® provides an all-natural, chemically identical hormone replacement therapy released directly into your bloodstream just as your body naturally does. 

      One of the main advantages of bioidentical hormones is that they are believed to be more easily recognized and metabolized by the body compared to synthetic hormones. This is thought to reduce the risk of certain side effects associated with synthetic hormones. Additionally, because they are identical to the body's own hormones, they are often favored by those seeking a more natural approach to hormone replacement therapy.

      Hormone replacement therapy is the purpose of bio-identical hormones. People who lack certain hormones or who have too much of a certain hormone may benefit from BHRT.  They are often used as a treatment for hormone imbalances, particularly in andropause (the male equivalent of menopause), where the body's natural hormone production decreases

      What are the male hormone imbalance symptoms?

      Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men include fatigue, lack of mental acuity, gaining weight, loss of muscle mass, feeling sluggish or depressed, irritability, loss of libido, and difficultly achieving or sustaining erection.

      BioTE® can increase Testosterone with subcutaneous pellets inserted 2-3 times a year. These pellets, about the size of a grain of rice, will start working immediately after insertion, however, most patients notice an improvement in symptoms in 1-2 weeks.   Good hormone balance will not only alleviate many of the symptoms listed above but greatly improve your sexual desires, make those workouts more productive and provide a host of other anti-aging benefits.

      Does testosterone cause prostate cancer?

      No. Metabolites of testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone, and estrone cause prostate enlargement and contribute to prostate cancer.  Estrone increases and testosterone decreases as men age and as men gain belly fat. Testosterone pellets are the only replacement that reverses that trend. Your blood levels of estrone and DHT are checked after treatment to see if they are elevated. Some men still convert to these metabolites even on testosterone pellets. If they are converting, we troubleshoot with natural supplements such as DIM and Saw Palmetto, or an aromatase inhibitor prescription.

      What are Pellet Therapy Side Effects?

      Unlike other forms of hormone therapy, there are few side effects. Two percent of patients experience mild acne or facial hair, and less than 1% experience hair thinning. These mild side effects are easily treatable. Testicles are suppressed by taking any kind of testosterone and will get smaller while on therapy.  They will not make as much testosterone while the pellets are working.  This is not permanent, and the testicle retains its ability to produce testosterone and will return to normal size if treatment is stopped. BioTE® Medical’s hormone pellet therapy side effects are minimal when compared to other hormone delivery methods. That’s because BHRT® pellet therapy delivers consistent amounts of hormones 24 hours a day.


      How do I get started?

      The process is as follows:

      1.) Call Vitality Health (302) 202-4142 or fill out the information form below for us to call you 

      2.) You will be scheduled for a BioTE® Consultation. You will be asked to fill out the BioTE® male new patient paperwork that can be found on this website under the Resources tab/forms. The patient is required to either fax or email ([email protected]) the new patient paperwork to the office prior to the consultation so that we can enter all of your information. The consultation visit is about 10-15 minutes in length.  At the visit Dr. Knapp will be asking you for your medical history and family medical history along with any medication you are currently taking. 

      3.) At this time you will explain to Dr Knapp any of the andropause (male menopause) symptoms that you have been experiencing in detail. 

      4.) Dr. Knapp will explain bioidentical hormones and if they could be a potential solution for how you have been feeling. 

      5.) If you would to proceed with the pellet insertion, the next step to to get blood work completed.  This is not routine bloodwork. This is an extensive test.  Dr. Knapp will give you the lab order at the end of the consultation.  You may use your personal health insurance to cover the cost of the bloodwork.  

      6.) As soon as we get the lab results, we are ready for your next appointment for lab review. 

      7.) This appointment is at our office location.  At this appointment Dr. Knapp will go over all the lab results in more detail and explain what they mean and how they impact your symptoms.  

      8.) If Dr. Knapp feels you are a good candidate for BioTE pellets you will have opportunity to get pellets inserted at the end of the lab review appointment.  The prescription used is based on your blood work results.  Each patient has a customized individual prescription. 

      9.) Once your pellets are inserted, we will reach out to you approximately 4 weeks from insertion date.  At this time, our staff will ask how you are feeling, if you notice anything different, and more details about your symptoms.  If you are feeling great, we may tell you to wait a week or two and then get your next round of blood work. If you are not feeling any different or symptoms haven't changed we will tell you to get the 2nd round of blood work as soon as possible so we can see where the hormone levels are reading with the pellets being inserted.  The second round of blood work is much smaller than the first round.  

      10.) If your levels are up and you feel great, we will see you in either 3 or 6 months depending on your prescription for reinsertion.  

      Till then....enjoy the new you! 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1.) Is the BioTE Consultation or Biote Pellet insertion covered by my insurance?

      No, this is a plant based product and not covered by insurance.  Many patients use their FSA (flexible spending account) or their HSA (health savings account) to pay for the pellets.  Each company is different.  The patient would need to check with their HSA or FSA. 

      2.) I have a hard time getting off of work for the consultation.  Can we do this via televisit? 

      Yes, just recently due to overwhelming requests, Dr. Knapp is now offering BioTE consultations during limited office hours.  

      3.) Does it hurt to have them inserted? 

      The most you feel is a small needle pinch.  There is a numbing medicine in the procedure to reduce feeling any discomfort

      4.) How long is the procedure? Do I have any down time?

      The entire procedure is about 5-10 minutes in length.  There is no down time. 

      5.) Do I have any restrictions after getting pellets? 

      You cannot exercise the lower body or submerge in water for 7 days. 

      6.) Do I have to have stitches to keep the pellets in? 

      No, it is a very small incision that a butterfly bandage is used to close.

      7.) How often do I have to get the pellets? 

      For men, it varies, from every 3 months to up to every 6 months depending on how you feel. 

      8.) How soon should I start to feel different?

      Everyone will react at different times.  But most people will notice a change within two weeks but it could take longer.  The second round of bloodwork will confirm if hormone levels are changing.

      9.) How often do I have to get bloodwork?  

      The initial bloodwork is done prior to the first insertion.  To make sure we achieve adequate hormone levels, additional bloodwork is done 4-6 weeks after first insertion. After that, bloodwork is required annually to check hormone levels.  

      10.) Should my partner/spouse get pellets?

      A large majority of our patients partner or spouse are also receiving bioidentical hormone therapy.  If you do decide to have a partner or spouse also get pellets, we offer a 10% discount.  

      BioTE® Nutraceuticals

      Pellet therapy is supported by specially formulated Nutraceuticals from BioTE® Medical.

      What Are Nutraceuticals?

      BioTE® Nutraceuticals are high-grade supplements containing high-quality ingredients that undergo 3rd party validation.

      What Kinds of Nutraceuticals Does BioTE® Medical Provide?

      BioTE® Medical offers DIM, ADK, Probiotics, Omega 3, Omega 30 Plus, Iodine Plus, Multivitamin, Methyl-Guard Plus, and Meriva 500 SF nutraceuticals.

      What Can BioTE® DIM Help With?

      Diindolylmethane or DIM is contained in green, cruciferous vegetables. DIM is reported to modulate the immune response and may show potential use in fighting viral infections, skin disorders, bacterial infections, and other conditions.

      What Is in BioTE® ADK5 and ADK10?

      BioTE® Medical offers a unique blend of Vitamins A, D3, and K2 at two strength levels. BioTE® ADK combines the right vitamins the body needs for good bone health.

      What Can BioTE® Probiotic Help With?

      BioTE® Medical's Probiotic may improve digestive health with its proprietary blend of Vitamin C and three probiotics: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

      What Is in BioTE® Omega 3?

      BioTE® Medical's Omega 3 contains fish oil concentrate and vitamin E.

      What Is in BioTE® Omega 30 Plus?

      BioTE® Medical's Omega 30 Plus contains 30 Fatty Acids that your body needs.

      What Can BioTE® Iodine Plus Treat?

      BioTE® Iodine Plus contains potassium iodide, iodine, zinc, selenium, and potassium.

      What Is in the BioTE® Multivitamin?

      The BioTE® Multivitamin contains over 20 nutrients that are essential to health. These include 100% of daily Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, as well as 100% of Iron, Zinc, B6, B12, and Folate, and over a dozen other key nutrients.

      What Can Thorne Research Methyl-Guard Plus Help With?

      Methyl Guard Plus contains folate, B6, B12, and B2.

      What Can Throne Research Meriva 500-SF Help With?

      Meriva 500 SF from Thorne Research is a patented curcumin product. Curcumin is a yellow substance found in turmeric. This nutraceutical is soy-free (SF) due to it being bound to sunflower phospholipids.

      Where Can I Get Nutraceuticals from BioTE® Medical?

      Nutraceuticals from BioTE® Medical are available through our office.

      What Are The Prices?

      DIM $45.00
      ADK 10 $40.00
      ADK 5 $40.00
      Probiotic $27.00
      Omega 3 $28.00
      Omega 30 Plus $45.00
      Methyl Guard $45.00
      Iodine $45.00
      Meriva 500-SF $40.00

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